Wind & Sea Estate

Big Sur, California

Our Story

Michael William Knoop & Michelle Kay Wright

Mike and Michelle met through a mutual friend during their freshman year of college at Mizzou, September 2007. A few weeks after meeting, Mike asked Michelle out for their first date to their now-favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and explored the college campus afterwards. Needless to say, it went well. Two dates later and they were officially "a couple".

Mike and Michelle's First Date

The next several years of college were dotted with many "firsts". First date, first kiss, first pet, first vacation, and first apartment to name a few.

Mike's Graduation

Michelle received her undergraduate degree in Finance in 2010 and went on to attend Law School at the University of Missouri.

Mike graduated in 2011 with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and began to take graduate course work towards a master's degree.

Michelle's Graduation

However, fate had different plans. Mike serendipitously joined two friends late 2011 to create a company now known as Zapier. The three founders decided to move the company HQ to the heart of Silicon Valley mid-2012.

Michelle graduated spring 2013 with her law degree and secured a prestigious clerkship with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

The Ring

On Mike's twenty-fourth birthday, February 28, 2013, he recreated their first date by taking Michelle once again to Olive Garden for dinner and to campus afterwards where he intended to propose.

Things didn't quite go according to plan (ask them about it) but Michelle nonetheless accepted Mike's proposal and the rest is history.

Overlooking Sunnyvale Ca.

Mike and Michelle officially moved into their new home in Sunnyvale, California to begin a new chapter of their lives, May 2013.

Fun Fact: Stripes, Mike & Michelle's orange and white cat, is named after his fur color and the MU Safe Ride program.

Wedding Party

Bob Kohring - Best Man

Bob is my cousin and one of my best friends growing up. And while our paths have diverged since then, I'm looking forward to having my oldest friend standing next to me!


Cassie McNear - Matron of Honor

Cassie is my little sister. She missed my first steps, but she has been at my side for nearly every other life step I have taken. I am excited for her to stand beside me during this special moment as well.


Fun Fact: Mike and Michelle first met in Eva J's Dining Hall at Mizzou (they sat across from each other)

Wedding Photos

Click the image above or here to see all of our wedding photos! Special thanks to Matt Wheeler.

Fun Fact: Mike and Michelle have a plant named Jill.


We know many of you will be traveling a long way to attend our wedding and the trip may be expensive. Your company is the best wedding present we could possibly ask for and gifts are definitely not necessary. Seriously.

If you would really like to get us a gift, we have created an Amazon registry.

Fun Fact: Every year, Mike and Michelle create a Christmas ornament which represents the year together.

Date & Location

Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 5:30PM PDT Add to Calendar 09/13/2014 17:30:00 09/14/2014 00:00:00 6 Mike and Michelle's Wedding in CA Mike and Michelle's Wedding in CA 54722 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920 MM/DD/YYYY

54722 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

Fun Fact: Mike and Michelle once built a black-and-gold painted Potato Cannon.


Friday, Sept. 12

Anyone in town Friday night is welcome to join us for a welcome dinner. Very casual. Dinner starts at 6PM at 54722 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920 (same place as ceremony on Saturday).

Saturday, Sept. 13

Both the ceremony and the reception will be held at a private estate on the Big Sur Coast (address below). The ceremony will begin at 5:30PM. The ceremony will be followed by a group picture as the sun is setting over the Pacific and then dinner will be served on the deck. Music, dancing, and s’mores around the firepit will follow.

Sunday, Sept. 14

For anyone in the area, we'll have brunch the next morning at the house at approximately 11:00AM.

Fun Fact: Michelle's birthday is two days after the wedding.


Getting There

54722 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

The Wind and Sea Estate is located on the Big Sur Coast about 60 minutes south of Monterey on scenic Hwy 1. We suggest you make the drive during daylight hours, not only to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, but also for your safety. The drive is amazing, but the highway is winding and the cliffs are steep.

Keep in mind that cell phone service in Big Sur is unreliable, so plan accordingly. Also, parking in the area is limited so please carpool if you can.


While the bedrooms at the Wind and Sea Estate are already spoken for, the house has 4 couches and lots of floor space. Feel free to crash at the house after the wedding. We're planning to party all night anyway! Housing in the immediate area is very expensive. The nearest reasonable rates are about an hour away.

While we don't have any specific reserved rooms, there are several hotels within an hour drive in Monterey, like the Victorian Inn. Monterey is about an hour north of the Estate. Feel free to book elsewhere if you find something closer in your price range.

Contact Info



Wind & Sea Estate   831-667-2009


Once your arrangements are in place, please RSVP so we can plan accordingly. We've only invited 50 guests and really hope everyone can attend!

Fun Fact: Mike and Michelle are getting married 2,540 days after meeting (~7 years).

St. Louis Reception

We are planning a large reception in St. Louis a week after the wedding (the wedding location in Ca. is limited to 50 guests). Everyone is invited to attend the St. Louis reception.

Saturday afternoon/evening, September 20, 2014 Add to Calendar 09/20/2014 14:00:00 09/20/2014 22:00:00 6 Mike and Michelle's Reception in STL Mike and Michelle's Reception in STL 1916 Still Creek Pass, Wildwood, MO 63011 MM/DD/YYYY

1916 Still Creek Pass, Wildwood, MO 63011

Fun Fact: After they are married, Mike and Michelle will have the same initials (Michelle is assuming Mike's last name and replacing her middle with her maiden). This inspired the website domain name,!